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Manchester Beer & Cider Festival - 1 Festival, 2 days, 2 very different experiences.

If you don’t make mistakes then how do you learn? The problem for large CAMRA run festivals for as long as I've been attending them has always been to do with the Saturday dregs the majority of hard working folk are punished with supping. Each time this happens people complain that they have to pay the largest entry fee for the poorest range of beer available across four days. Every time the same arguments are had. But you live and learn, so they say,except, actually, they never do. To address this issue I had to take matters into my own hands when it came to the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival 2014 that was being held at the remarkable venue of the National Cycling Centre . The location prospect, plus early beer lists made me excited to have chance to attend, but I knew that the organisers would do nothing to target the problematic Saturday run-off. So I risked jeopardising any work I had to do in my job Friday morning by heading down to the festival Thursday even

Review of 2013/Preview of 2014

There was a time when I might have found a personal surmising of my own last 12 months a little self-indulgent. It is negativity within me that I am trying to shake off, but we will get to that later on in this seemingly endless ramble. 2013 was a year that can lend itself to the old cliché of being full of highs and lows; positives and negatives. Though I could be truly narcissistic and talk of my personal life at this point, I rather refer to my life within the beer world and my time as a blogger. In drinking and sampling terms I’ve supped some truly memorable beverages. I never came around to writing my own Golden Pints for the year, partly for I was too busy writing a Beer Advent Calendar post each day, partly because I fear I could open my “beer of the year” at 11.59pm 31 st December and partly because I find it too difficult to complete every category. Luckily, when it comes to remembering beers, I’ve got a blog for reference. Easily the two best beers I drank last year