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The final beer review - LIFE & LIMB

Life & Limb.  10.2%. British beer geeks with such limited access to American offerings may not want anything more than a collaboration brew between Sierra Nevad a and Dogfish Head . That wish was granted a few years ago when this Life & Limb beer was reissued; a beer brewed with yeast strains from both breweries and using pure maple and birch syrup. I didn’t realise at the time – in April 2012 – when placing my first ever online beer order, through Beers of Europe , that I would savour this more than any. Yet, Life & Limb held steady within my stock more than any other, knowing its rarity. On its purchase, I hadn’t realised that Dogfish Head were no longer exporting to the UK. I hadn’t realised that such a collaborative beer wouldn’t likely been seen on these shores again. Then I read more into its style – an American Strong Ale. A type of beer that I am happy to age, save for a special occasion and thoroughly enjoy. But also one that is not appreciated or explor