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My London Craft Beer Weekend pt.1 - Mythbusting the London beer scene stereotypes

  Guilty as charged. Despite my love of the city when I visit, I've spent much of the past 12 months, like many others, becoming a little tired of a London-centric blogosphere and beer scene. From beer reviews, certain television tastings only featuring London brews to articles such as Shortlist's Pints and Pistachios 2015 that suggests that SEVEN of the TEN best new beer and food bars opened in the UK this year were from London, the focus on our biggest city has become increasingly exhausting to the rest of us.  Yet maybe it's just true that seven out of ten of the best new beer and food bars did come from London. So on a recent weekend trip I wanted to see for myself what the city has to offer now by experiencing over two days as much of the beer scene as I could squeeze in.  I was due to head to London the weekend before last for the tail end of London Beer City week and the London Craft Beer Festival. As it was, as much as a weekend of craft wanke

Stop Punishing Smokers - An Impassionate rant

Drinking good beer means to support the industry and every aspect of it. Continuous measures and limitations have seriously affected our pubs, especially over the last decade. The famous public houses of British society have gone through a de-normalisation phase fuelled by those in power. Anything that is enjoyable, anything that is deemed unhealthy, is being ousted.  Whether it is the health and safety laws, increasing taxes on beer or the attempted destruction of the tobacco industry, it can no longer be argued that a proportion of the nation's population aren't a bunch of gratuitious, self-righteous killjoys whose aim and pleasure whilst they exist on this world is to control people's levels of fun and happiness. They will call it looking after the nation's health but all it is doing is limiting the people's levels of indulgences. So if a smoking ban inside pubs eight years ago wasn't enough, yesterday the proposed  banning of smoking in outdoor beer