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      This year makes it ten years that I've been writing about beer in blog form. In celebration I thought I'd borrow from Boak & Bailey's 15 year anniversary format and answer some questions from my Twitter followers. Thank you to everybody that took the time to even bother putting questions forward and sorry to anybody who doesn't enjoy excessive use of quotation marks.      Ten years - so how have things changed in Beer in that time?  I thought I'd start with the expected opener.  I'm sitting looking at the walls of my "local" as I write this. This became my after work regular haunt about ten years ago. I think the walls are a different colour.  That resonates in some ways. Beer life outside of the city centres doesn't change all that much. I feel no different about the world of beer when I am sat within the pub than I did in 2012. In the busy hubs and on social media the impression is that it is always changing or evolving. But