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Takeovers: Another Football Analogy

  Courtesy of There are two teams in Manchester. The continuous public house prattle debates this statement. Others would have you believe that there may be only one team in Manchester, though the colour of their strip isn’t clear. As a fan of a team over t’hill there probably is one team in Manchester and another in Salford. It doesn’t matter really, but still we have the sufferable banal discussion as to who is the most successful and who deserves to be so. For those not following, Manchester’s two major football teams are Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester United enjoyed an extended period of success at a time when the company Sky started to pump excessive amounts of money into the sport, with the more successful teams pocketing the most money making them one of the richest football teams on the planet. Mancheter City were in a much less successful spell as a team until the second of two large money takeovers led to


Source Last year it was swifts, this year swallows have just arrived to nest in the barns for the rest of summer before heading further south. I watch them from the collapsing garden fence, swooping over the field rich in bites of midges. It is serene and tranquil, yet I am feeling down. I have just read the news of Anthony Bourdain. For the media, 2016 became the year of the celebrity death as towering figures of the entertainment industry fell seemingly daily. For me, 2018 is becoming famous for a different type of celebrity death. Every time I see through a Breaking News story or a Twitter trend that somebody has died I can anticipate the cause before reading it. From Avicii to Scott Hutchison , to the other depression sufferers whose cause of death hasn’t been officially released but seems all but assured, it has been a sad year. I don’t profess to have known much of Anthony Bourdain, passed watching him on shows every now and then when channel flicking. I cannot