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Being a Pub Regular - Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship.

Being a beer writer at the moment is the best time ever. And in other ways, it just doesn’t fit me. When I wrote my long list of complaints in my “Everything Wrong with Beer at this Moment” post, I hadn’t even thought prior to tapping those first few words into my computer how strongly I felt about so much sin and detritus coming from a simple act of thirst quenching; the simplest act of pleasure. Yet, here I still am, a late twenties, mis-diagnosed autistic, depressed, mental health patient who looks for any link to joy and pleasure he can find. And trust me – I’m always searching for it. So I’ll tell you about joy. I’ll tell you about what it is like to be a pub local for the first time in my life and the unsubstantiated pleasure that came from that moment that I hadn’t expected prior to the experience. I’ll tell you about the feeling you can get that my generation neglect and don’t achieve often enough; something that doesn’t come with experimenting with every beer b