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The Dog just isn't for us

  Back in March this year Heineken pulled an advert for their new low calorie beer. The advert showed a beer sliding past a number of black people before stopping in front of a lighter skinned person, with the tagline “Sometimes lighter is better.” It was pulled after numerous complaints, including one from Chance the Rapper, about the unquestionable racist tone to the advert. At around the same time Brewdog was attempting to address the gender pay gap situation with their Pink IPA take on Punk IPA. The idea was widely panned; the premise seemingly in the right direction but the execution poor. In a society of personal opinion I know which one I see as the more derisory, yet the scorn from those that I choose to follow on various social media platforms was aimed at the latter advertising campaign. Indeed it is still being discussed five months later as a reason to boycott the brand. I’ve not seen anything said of Heineken’s pulled advertisement since March. In f