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Life - It Isn't a Role.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, eat a dick bitch, eat a bowl of shit bitch. Munch on a mouthful of balls in halls and malls, just shut the fuck up bitch and work your jaws” Kurupt – Your GyrlFriend A few days ago, this delightful ditty came around on the shuffle of my iTunes. I hadn’t heard it for some time, but it has been on various cassette, CD and now digital playlists of mine since its release on Kurupt’s 1999 album Tha Streetz iz a Mutha . I was 12-years-old when I first heard it. It was just music to me then and don’t think it affected my feelings towards certain genders. But hearing it in 2015 – some 16 years later - was the first time I stopped and thought about just how sick the lyrics were.  I’m a big Hip Hop fan. The genre takes up over 90% of the music I own. Yet it has long been – and still is – rife with misogyny and sexism. The world is becoming wiser and less tolerable to it, though. Rappers are losing favour and sponsorship deals based solely on the misogynistic

January - "To Dry or To Try"

Too many believe that the beginning of the year is the start of something beautiful, rather than just a way of recording time. We are all supposed to wake-up on the first day of January, hangover free, with our running shoes placed on our feet by gym-elves in the night, ready to stick the proverbial to the rubber ring that has formed between our rib cage and hip bones whilst pouring any remaining alcohol into the local drink landfill. I, for one, began the New Year by skipping down my street wearing nothing but an apron, shouting the words to Auld Lang Syne, pouring champagne over my head and hugging/kissing many people that I love. I went to bed some hours later, only to awake at 2.30pm, with no intention of doing anything more but finding a way to avoid all New Year’s Day engagements. This was probably the one and only point in January I considered going “Dry,” only in the hope that it would make the temporary pain subside. Thinking about Drinking There are several asp