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  A couple of discussions seemed to have passed me by in the last couple of weeks and, when I did eventually pick up on them, roused some interest upon reading. The first was an article by Glynn Davis for Beer Insider, the second was a Hopinions podcast Twitter poll and the resulting audio show.   Both referred to the discussion of whether a half pint should be half the price of a full pint. Whilst the results of the Twitter poll at least were fairly one sided, there were still discussions justifying any difference in pricing; areas where half a pint may be more than a full pint because there is some sort of strenuous extra labour involved in its production. With this I have discovered new types of bars that have interesting pay structures. The argument seems to be that the labour costs are the same for serving a half as they are a pint and that must be reflected in the price one pays. Therefore, there are areas in the country where people either are or believed to be

Football and Pubs Part 1 - Mossley (Vs Kendal Town)

Recently, and partly due to the demise of Bury FC , I’ve decided to spend the odd spare Saturday I have throughout the football season going to watch a local (for now) football team and take in some of the pubs and bars around the towns and stadiums in which they reside. My first trip was on Saturday 31 st  August to Seel Park to catch Mossley AFC take on Kendal Town in the Northern Premier League Division One   It was an easy and obvious decision to make Mossley my first trip of this new tour, as I work with a couple of people that already attend the game here. Still, they tend to head straight for the club house before the game so they wouldn’t be joining me on my local pub tour. Growing up in neighbouring Stalybridge, Mossley was always considered the debauched and ostracised cousin. The people had their reputation and so did the pubs. We were painted the picture of a rundown, smog filled town that hadn’t changed since pre-Peterloo days. As you mature you