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Manchester Beer Week 2016 - the Preparation and the Slog.

Manchester doing as Manchester does. It’s over and the recovery was a slow process. The efforts were monumental and the attendances were decent. That was   Manchester Beer Week   – in its inaugural 2016 year. It was a week of such beerness that even finding the time to write about it needed to be delayed. I needed a recovery period to find normality again; a sentiment shared by the conductor of this fantastic occasion when I saw him a fortnight ago - acclaimed beer writer   Connor Murphy . It seems so much longer than a month ago but I am still determined to exalt the praises of one of the Manchester Beer Scene's finest hours. There was so much packed in to the week that I did want to produce a post talking about My Manchester Beer Week –   along the lines of this great post by half of my beer week soul mate at Yes! Ale  (where you may also see my hand holding a Biere De Garde) -    and after attending nine straight days worth of events that post will still ma

RANT: The Best Things in Life are Free

What was in the Pulp Fiction briefcase?  Credit Parental Advisory: Explicit Content I hate giving myself the title of "blogger" when somebody asks me what my involvement with beer is. The connotations are so hideously disparaged that it isn’t worth the hassle. The sceptical looks. The scornful faces when they haven’t heard of your blog. That odd head-to-toe sizing up of you people do when you know they’re thinking  “You? Really? What’s so special about you?”  It’s a hobby; one that I love. I write about what I enjoy. I write when I feel like writing about items that I want to write about. Often I don’t post anything for weeks as life and love are more important. This isn’t my job. If people ask me what I do to be involved in beer I’ll mention the blogging. It’s true. It is the reason I get invited to lots of beer events I suppose. But there’s no doubting that people consider the terms  blogger  and  freeloader  to be interchangea