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The Pubs of Stalybridge Part One: The Stalybridge Seven.

And a touch more ...  Rififi Nightclub - once the town's cinema - has stood empty and unused for four and a half years This is the continuation of my posts of regular pub crawls to try and get myself in more pubs and discover more. Whilst I grew up in an old hamlet that most were quick to distance themselves from, my address clearly stated that we belonged to Stalybridge. However distant the town centre felt I was a Stalybridger, a Stalybridgian, a Stalyian: you know I don’t think I’ve ever heard us given a name before. I’m going with Stalyian. After a few moves around the country and through various relationships, I didn’t expect to find myself still local to the town in 2017. Whilst my address hasn’t stated Stalybridge for 3 years, I still spend plenty of time in the town – not least as it houses my “local.” To many in the north-west, it is famous for its nickname of Staly Vegas , that came about (as far as I’m aware) through its late Nighties-through-to-N

Embrace the murk? DO YOU EVEN PUB?

Shouting at Clouds ... Whilst a beer blogger from the outskirts of Manchester routinely grumbles about the quality and hubris of some of the paid beer content out there, a questionable old rag, which is now 50% free content and 50% pleas to stop reading their free content for free, produces beer articles that keep the masses coming back for more. It would be besmirching to assume that the authors of the Guardian’s beer related articles sometimes write documents filled with mentions to sub-standard beers or even wrongly named beers just for clicks of outrage. Still, the Team Social Beer Media are always more likely to click on a paid beer article full of mistakes and bollocks. But there is a further reason we come back again and again to these free/not free articles; to drown ourselves in the tidal wave of human emotion that is the comments section. That was never more beautifully presented than in the comments from this piece on the largest bandwagon of Beer’17 -