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The Great Segregation of Craft: Choosing where to Beer

Occassionally discussions and conversations come up at such an opportune time you'd swear you prompted them. I’m interrupting working on other posts (sorry Si) to comment on a discussion yesterday (this was written two days ago) that appeared on Twitter when TicketyBrew asked a perfectly innocent question that many breweries have at least considered: To give a little bit of background into my intrigue in this tweet TicketyBrew was opened in 2013 in my old home town of Stalybridge by husband and wife team Duncan and Keri. Not only were they local, they happened to be setting up in an old rail arch my old company once occupied. They are also minutes away from that pesky Stalybridge Buffet Bar I talk about (and visit) too much. Growth was fairly rapid with their beer even sold rather unusually in the Manchester Harvey Nichols well under a year of opening. They soon became nationwide, even on cask where I spotted them in Edinburgh last June. Their unusual styl

Returning Cask Vinegar: How far we need to reach - the Darwin Link pt III

Rememeber that  Natwest advert  (if you don't then that's the link) that recalls how your local bank has now turned into a trendy wine bar. Feel free to make a new advert where your local bank, fishmongers, newsagents, PUB is now a "trendy craft beer bar" and we are in modern city centres. Don't forget the overpriced pulled pork and burgers that, if we're honest, aren't actually as good as a McDonald's Big Tasty. This has developed into an accidental but interesting series on experiences away from the city centre modern scene and with time spent in traditional local pubs. First I spoke about the keg appeal outside of the city centre before speaking about a reunion with my uncle and our different ideals .  At least one of those posts talked about the experiences that the "kid" beer reviewers, who only discovered beer's existence two years ago, just don't seem to get. They are the sort that might think good beer is everywher