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Two Years Later: Pressing Play to Find that Nothing Has Changed

    Over the weekend, I travelled on a number of different trains to a couple of different pubs and beer events. It was the first time since the start of the pandemic that everything about the day felt part of a previous lifetime; one that had been merely paused for a couple of years and restarted.    It came just a week or so after the 2 year anniversary of the real significant moment of change to many - when sports stopped and pubs closed. It was when most Brits started taking things seriously. It was the end of the formulaic cohesion that the majority of us have known throughout adult life. Our traditional daily functions were altered beyond anything we had imagined even just a month or so before.    We have now been adapting to the "new normal" but there was a moment on Saturday that signified this sense of a return to previous normality* and hitting the play button on a paused lifetime. Somebody said to me how good it was to see me after so long and I felt slig

Football and Pubs Part 6 - Huddersfield

    As this project has been halted, like the majority of life, for 18 months, I allowed myself a small cheat to get back into the swing of things. My house, my rules. The reason for these excursions is detailed in previous post such as the original one in 2019 .   This excursion happened in September 2021, as pubs were still tentatively waking up to a pre-restriction life. Take that into consideration with the beer offerings.  If you are new here, I am a Huddersfield Town fan and (former) season ticket holder. I risked against it this season as I fully expected another lockdown or enforcement of restrictions to stop fans going to stadiums. If it is a gamble that doesn't pay-off I can live with the joy that the season was not interrupted. Last season was a write-off. Football without fans is meaningless. Anybody who enjoyed last season does not enjoy the sport.  I've been going along to support this team long enough to have a pre-match ritual - detailed here - set in s