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Indy Man Beer Con 2017 - is it still relevant?

Soft Serve Trolltunga After stepping through the doors of Indy Man for the first time in October 2012 , I knew I was experiencing something different; a beer festival like no other I’d been to. I was sure that we were seeing a shift in the way things were done and the future.  In the years that followed came the event's  steady rise and progression – from the opening of more rooms in the building, changes in the layout, desperate scrambling for tickets, visitors from all over the world and then the moment I didn’t seem to know any beer person that wasn’t going. We came full circle in 2017. This year the build-up seemed to involve a touch less “fuss.” The tickets had still sold-out as quickly, but some of my favourite beer people weren’t doing the traditional journey to Manchester. Indy Man Beer Con had lost its place as the number one beer event on the calendar. In fact, it became almost cool to boast that you weren’t going. It wasn’t about mourning you

It's an old Wine for the Wives Tale: More Questions than Answers

Product can be bought here   Amongst the many discussions, posts and indifference from the inaugural Beavertown Extravaganza in September 2017, spawned a brand new meme* based on a poorly phrased tweet that Beavertown received from one attendee. The offending tweet has since been deleted but made reference to bringing wives who only drink wine to the event. This brought about much mirth and a whole host of “Wine for the Wives” references. The correct action when faced with such casual sexism is to take ownership of the phrasing to destroy it. This can sometimes turn a little ugly and mocking, but many of the #WineForWives jokes I saw did not include the original offender in the Tweet. In other words, they weren’t berated or mocked, but ownership of their idiocy was formed. It was correctly approached. The reason this post has taken a couple of weeks to publish is that mention of it came up in Boak and Bailey’s newsletter (sign up if you haven’t.) Pa