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T he Transpennine Rail Ale Trail remains an infamous day out in the Tameside/Greater Manchester area. Running from Batley-Dewsbury-Huddersfield-Stalybridge and every stop in between, the “Ale Trail” or “Ale Train” as it is more commonly known in these parts has not been without controversy. It’s continual huge popularity has brought large disruptions to local railway services, residents of some of the stops and the pubs involved. Stalybridge Buffet Bar , that most use as a starting and/or finishing post on the trail, has suffered but adapted to it’s weekly influx of visitors. Whilst I still remain of the view that you can’t and shouldn’t try to put a stop to people enjoying themselves for a day out, the Rail Ale Trail has understandably put a great strain on a pub situated on public transport. Numerous Jobsworths can interfere and make life very difficult for those running the pub, and even threaten its future. These are mostly nameless Suits who need to be seen to be justif


A look at recent beer developments around Great Northern Square     It's been a strong year for Manchester's beer scene and a stronger year for Manchester’s newest area to-be-seen: the Great Northern Square/Peter Street area. Just off Deansgate and dominated by the Great Northern Warehouse , this small area is developing quickly from an area for alcopop fuelled party-goers to a hotbed of champagne bars ( Epernay ,) revitalised gig venues ( Albert Hall ), larger MK2 versions of Northern Quarter favourites ( Almost Famous and Home Sweet Home) and, of course, Craft Beer. Arguably Brewdog spotted the area’s potential early, opening on Peter Street when nobody saw it coming and many assumed they’d house themselves comfortably in the Northern Quarter. But with a newly developed city centre area comes new openings - and most bars know that dedication to beer is a high selling point at the moment. I visited two new bars last week on a visit to Great Northern Square th