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All-In Beer Festivals (again) - your FAQs now answered.

The problem with an on-the-fence opinion that discusses the merits of both fields is that those situated far from the fence on either side only listen to the cons of their particular grassy plain. It was through this that my last post, a discussion on the pros and cons of the“All-in” beer festival ticket , led to the greatest example of others looking only for negatives. If points one through to five sided with the views of one person, you can bet that they approached me over point 6, fists waving all the way. However, as my comments came before I had ever experienced any beer festivals that provided the “all-you-can-drink” experience, it felt remiss of me not to follow up that post now that I have been through the process. The festival was Dark City 2018; Northern Monk Brew Co’s annual dedication to all beers that are dark. Alongside the two incarnations of their lighter festival – Hop city – this was the first time there had been change to the ticket structure. A

The ALL-IN Experience and the Perception of Value

It’s June 2018 and Taylor Swift is due to play the City of Manchester Stadium. I have two tickets to the occasion and it is fairly safe to assume that a slightly underwhelmed partner is to accompany me with less enthusiasm than myself. Despite the presence of non-fans, Taylor didn’t indulge the mixed audience. There were no covers of Lady Antebellum songs or stage sharing with James Bay. It was almost as if the entire show was tailored towards Swifties, the assumption being that those with tickets had paid for such an experience. Because there isn’t an alternative to such a show. This was the one off opportunity. My partner didn’t say, “I don’t think I’ll get value for money seeing Taylor Swift at City’s stadium – why don’t we see a Bay City Rollers tribute act at the New Inn instead?” There is no equivalence. The New Wave of Tickers   There has been further movement within the beer industry in the last couple of years to keep taking influence in styles (co