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Defining Craft - this is what you, I and everybody else probably sounds like

At some point in the last two years, whilst drinking delicious beer but choking on the hell being spoken about it, I decided that I was not going to get involved in any form of discussion surrounding the defining of “craft.” Craft is already a word. The Oxford Dictionary defines Craft as… OK, I’m not going to do that little doozy here. This is “Craft” when being applied very specifically to the brewing of beer. I decided to break my proposed silence on the defining of Craft Beer after drinking a can of Club Colombia Roja, 4.7% , on Friday night. Club Colombia are a (oh-you-guessed-it) Colombian beer company I know two things about: 1)       They do another beer, a golden lager, to this that is served in golden cans that I had once in a dirty Manchester Travelodge on New Year’s Eve, 2012. 2)       They come from Colombia. I have a friend who teaches in Colombia and returns every summer with such presents, just in case you were wondering how I came by this beer. It’s cer

EVERYTHING wrong with Beer at this moment

It hasn’t escaped the notice of some people that I’ve been a little quiet about beer on social media and via this blog recently. My friends have also noticed that I’m not dragging them to every newly opened craft beer bar every weekend. People at work noticed that boxes of beer weren’t being delivered monthly as they once were. I’d like to think that the beer shops noticed the absence of one of it’s regular customers over the past few months. It is true that my thirst and enthusiasm for the world of beer, especially that which I have spent three years frequently exclaiming about on Twitter, has dwindled. At first I just assumed I was in a different place, that my mental health issues were having some effect on my particular passions in life. Truthfully though, as I sit down and think about it, I’ve grown a little tired of what is becoming a far too political and thought through labour of love. When I started this blog two and a half years ago, I began with a long introductory