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All We Have is Our Reputation.

So pick up your crap beer and make it better.  If I were keeping count, I would have now lost it in reference to the number of times I’ve seen people recently lament that they are sick of drinking sub standard beers from newer breweries. Drinkers are resorting to the old form of sticking with the tried and tested to be ensured a decent beer. There’s money involved in these exchanges and it is tiresome parting with people’s decreasing disposable expenditure for increasingly poor brews. Our reputations are all we have. The effects of social media make it easier for a reputation to be crushed by a few bad reviews or accounts of poor exchanges. It’s difficult to receive criticism and I’ve spoken about that before, but if you are repeatedly putting out a subpar product then the murmurs will begin. As ever, some will ask for examples to provide scope to this derision. Some, of course, will say that they have a right to know so that they can avoid the brewery themse