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Peakender '17

Amongst the green fields of the Peak District, there is no division of beer dispense methods or limitations to your measure. I have to confess that I’ve never properly been camping. As the sort that needs to have a hot shower before I’ll even leave the house for a pint of milk, my need for home comforts makes it difficult. As such, I’ve never been to a music festival or slept in a tent anywhere beyond my back garden. With this in mind, Peakender – the Thornbridge Brewery summer festival - has never been on my radar. Whilst this was the fourth year I saw promotional material for it from Thornbridge across social media, there was still no intention to attend. It wasn’t until a Meet the Brewer in April that my partner and I decided to give this unknown event a go. And so we attended Peakender ‘17 It was when we started to plan that I realised that I didn’t have a clue what Peakender actually entailed; I’d just instantly dismissed it as something I wasn’t g


Occasionally we will have an experience in a pub that really disappoints us. As is atypical for British people, it is the more disappointing experiences that lead to those online reviews most places of business dread. But, as with the advice I gave to breweries in my last post, any criticism for a pub, bar, restaurant etc should be looked into and taken with an air of solemnity in case it is an area that can be seriously improved upon. You can’t please everybody, and some people are just serial moaners to the point that you never will, but each complaint should still be investigated to be sure there aren’t improvements to be made. That is the protocol I’d expect from my favourite pub. When I heard that they’d recently received a 1 star review on Trip Advisor with a complaint, I thought I’d have a nosey, though I suspected I already knew which customer may have written it. Lo and behold the first “sentence” (or at least what I suspect was supposed to be punctuate