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Stock Clearance #4 - Tempest Brew Co. Old Parochial

"The downfall of being a great beer lover and enthusiast is a tendency to hoard. Nobody I know is as guilty of this as I. As such, I've come to realise in recent months that I really need to start working through my already sizeable bottle stock before purchasing anything else this year, if for no other reason than to try the beers I’ve spent my money on whilst they’re still at their best. Added to this is the realisation over the last few months – based on certain depressive life situations – that life is too short not to drink the great beers I have available to me. I also need to find new encouragement and inspiration to write again. I have never wanted this to be a beer review blog (with the exception of Advent) but all the above factors have led me to begin a series of “Stock Clearance” posts where I drink beers within my hoard that really need drinking for reasons that will be explained." "I shall further clarify that my beer hoard started to grow around t

Choosing the pub over the bottle – and Beer Fatigue

Recently I started writing a series of posts I named “ Stock Clearance ” in an effort to clear out some of my over inflated bottle stash and get drinking some of the beers I’d deemed too special to simply be drunk on a Tuesday night in front of the Vampire Diaries. I have been depleting my stock somewhat and I do have around 4 further draft posts about specific beers to post at some point. Yet on the whole I’ve found the task rather trying due to one simple matter – I’m too social. It’s been a tough year thus far on a personal level, granted, but that hasn’t stopped me retaining any of my lust for my social butterfly status (or pisshead status, depending who you ask.) Historically, the few days a week I was not out were set aside for exercising and time off the booze. Therefore, despite my lust and enjoyment from buying bottles in, I was drinking far too few. The boxes stored at both home and work were becoming overwhelming and were only increasing. Since I don’t plan to be at my