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There is more to working in a pub than beer knowledge, you know.

(Just to clarify – for the purpose of this post I am encompassing a lot of different roles as “Bar Worker” to make things easier. I am more than aware that there are numerous roles with various titles within the industry and those that work in pubs and bars.) The other week I was stood at the bar of one of my favourite pubs vaguely watching one member of the bar team with interest. He was bouncing from table to table, glass collecting but also taking the time to speak to each group; compliment somebody’s shirt, talk to them about the wine they'd just had, regale them with the same story of his new hat that he’d already told everybody.  Amused I turned to the manager and asked “What on earth is he doing?” They glanced at their member of staff, sighed deeply and said “I think I just pay him to chat to people.”   Though this may not sound desirable, each table or group left in this worker’s wake were vsibly happier; probably more likely to stay for another drink