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The Summer Wine Brewery Tap and Honley

To say that we as a community and a culture are being spoilt for choice in present times continues to be a large understatement. With every new beer, brewery and destination bar comes a level-up in my indifference to them. Places that five years ago would have had me queueing up on opening night are now largely being ignored.  Falling into that list is the Summer Wine Brewery Tap in Honley. I wrote an Instagram post recently , whilst drinking an outstanding can of Cortes, about my old love for Summer Wine Brewery and the time when I would have easily placed them amongst my top three favourites in the country. I remember beginning a post about them in 2012 that I hoped to find amongst my notes but alas could not. I did however find the below grainy photograph that features my favourite ever SWB beer ( #bringbackCohort ) and the nostalgia branding that seems a lifetime ago now.  Having opened in 2016 I was rather excited about the prospect of this new bar, having a