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Manchester Brewery Expo. A photo blog

Whilst I wait for chance to speak on some of the thoughts I gathered from the brilliant Manchester Brewery Expo, I thought I would share my many pictures from the day itself. Thoughts to follow on soon.  Cloudwater Barrel Store to "check-in" Badge Wanker Starting at Privateer Beers at five to 11 Moving on to Alphabet Brew Co. for a first Tour and Talk A reminder that the Piccadilly area isn't the most attractive. Full of "drugs, prostitution and breweries" as was quoted at one stage ALL THE HOSE Alphabet Tank Tasting Moving on to the shiny Track Brewery Cloudwater Brew Co. Tank Beer Back to Alphabet Brew Co.- where Shindigger also made an appearance  This Satay Chicken with Coconut Rice from Nasi Lemak was sensational Brewery Fly Back to Privateer Beers with a peak in a vessel Tempting Beer Distribution company at the back of