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And I was catching my breath Staring out an open window, catching my death And I couldn’t be sure I had a feeling so peculiar, that this pain would be for Evermore   Cliché after cliché about how unusual the previous calendar year has been but it feels necessary to acknowledge it. I don’t think I’ve let a year with this blog go by without referencing the previous 12 months in some way, whether through a  brief review, divination or the Golden Pints awards format.   Last year I didn’t do the traditional Golden Pints for the first time, but split across two posts were my nods to the beers , breweries, media and events that had made my year enjoyable. This time I have opted for just a list of my favourite beers from 2020. Beer is subjective so many here I haven’t seen referenced elsewhere. However, considering the sheer amount of small pack I consumed last year, I find it intimidating that I haven’t tried the vast majority of beers being referenced on other peoples “Beer