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Treating Beer like Wine - When is a beer a beer?

Beer has long come with its own preconceptions about where and how it should be consumed. Breaking those prepossessions has created m any movements between industry folk, including that which I assume we are calling the wineification of beer . This mostly relates to those that want to see beer on equal footing with its grape counterpart, especially amongst the caf é and restaurant business. This could include better choices, better presentation and a focus on matching beer with food. For a while I thought I was in favour of this. Then I actually experienced where we are up to in beer’s wineification on my last two visits to Edinburgh. I am in favour of using wine in the conversation as an example of how we shouldn’t prejudge high ABVs or how we look at a fair price in better beer. I’m also quite happy with beer and food pairing as a concept, though it is not something I do within my own home. These recent experiences north of the border though made me rethink the way