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The Magic has Run its course

    There was a time when the rock was magic.   There was a time that it was at its most magical in its unhuman form.   Never before had a beer release captured the entire community.    The annual release of Un-Human Cannonball from Magic Rock, in those glorious 660ml bottles, was an unparalleled event in the UK beer calendar for a few years. People set alarms for 7am to make the website release, made reservations with their local beer shops to secure one of the limited bottles, and later would take time off work to travel to the taproom to be amongst the first to taste it before it was released nationwide. Un-Human Cannonball was an event in itself and successfully transitioned into the "Cannonball Run" encompassing three - or four if you could stomach the difference in can size - iterations of a single beer.   It helped that Magic Rock were a beloved UK brewery; part of the 2011/2012 crowd that formed Phase 2 of the modern UK beer scene. High regard helps.