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It is that time of year again. The annual introduction has been reduced to an  outro this time. If you're here for the awards you are in luck as we're going straight in (please note I haven't included any of the awards I couldn't think of a deserving winner for.)  Best UK Cask Beer: Track Brewing Co . – Sonoma. Amongst the railway arches on the so-named Piccadilly Beer Mile, the production of the UK’s most consistent and delicious cask beer. The fact I will repeatedly go back to it amongst all the Imperial Stouts and Double IPAs available on the bar is the reason it is so deserving of any accolades.  Honourable Mention: Magic Rock Brewing - Inhaler .  When Stalybridge Buffet Bar told me they were getting this in on cask I was surprised, but not as surprised as I was to learn that it is far superior on cask than it is on keg or in can (where it is still very good.) With Rapture's sad cask demise this last year, cask Inhaler could save Magic Rock f