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My Favourite (Greater) Manchester Pub

 Originally written and posted for the M CR Beer Week blog here. Given the final decision, it may come as a surprise to most that I truly thought long and hard about my choice for favourite pub in the (Greater) Manchester area. We are blessed with many marvellous pubs for a variety of reasons; be it heritage, quality of beer, atmosphere or just the clientele. Yet I can't deny that I was only reaching and searching for anything beyond the obvious choice all who know me would well expect me to choose - because, for me, there is no greater Manchester pub than Stalybridge Buffet Bar. If there are the predictable groans and eye-rolls concerning my choice then allow me to talk of the pub away from my own personal affection as to why it deserves the title, including a little history. Stalybridge Buffet Bar is housed on the current Platform four of the busy Stalybridge Railway station. The station itself opened in 1849 as part of a link between Sheffield and Lincolnshire. I