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A Two Day Revisit to the best beer in Leeds - Day Two

This is Day Two of a two day experience in Leeds from May, that has taken a while to write about.  I was determined to finish it one day after several setbacks and distractions.  Day one is written about here. I woke from my slumber with clothes strung about the room and uneaten discarded takeaway scattered at different points on the duvet. Day one in Leeds had been a great time but the dehydration of screaming along to Mobb-phonics and going through the emotions of gun holding had left me feeling tender. Day two in Leeds was supposed to be spent sobering up and meeting somebody for non-alcohol based frivolity, whilst preparing for a stag do the following day. However, when the plans to meet up with somebody fell through, I had potentially a whole extra day of Leeds fun to go at. My first thoughts were of breakfast and after a quick Twitter enquiry I was overwhelmingly pointed in the direction of Northern Monk Refectory for early morning food, which suited me after my failed