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I remember the time that a brewery opened in the early nineteenth century. They were fantastic because they swore on that day that they would never sell their business for millions of pounds in the future because they.... Wait, sorry, have I remembered that incorrectly? Sorry. You must forgive me - y'see, I don't really understand business. I do, however, remember a brewing business opening in 2011. Their focus was on the quality of their beer and they swore on that day that they'd never value it at £250million. They never wanted to make money, even on the day that... What's that? Sorry, is that wrong again? Oh, you must forgive silly me. Y'see, I don't really understand business. However, I do remember speaking to a recent man of business. Whilst he was busy businessing he said to me that his business often paid £250million to businesses to never change them or gain any profit from them and to not infiltrate the market that they held at