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Discovering Eggs: Proselytise no longer

I have a confession to make. It’s been one of those little parts of me that I’ve had to carry around, only revealing it to a select few people who need to know, usually around that first morning when they try to make me breakfast. I don’t like eggs. Fried, Scrambled, Poached, said with a Benediction – I was just never a fan of eggs. I never order a “Full English” anywhere, be they pricey hotels or greasy spoons, because I don’t want all that one has to offer (I also hate Baked Beans but I consider that more normal because I'm not 5.) Confessing to my distaste of this British cuisine staple often, if not always, leads to the same incredulous reaction.   “You don’t like eggs? You what?” I stand firm. I don’t like the taste. I don’t. Eggs taste like they smell and they smell...eggy. But now I have chickens. Chickens are fascinating. They are just a wonderful addition to your lives and I can spend hours watching their behaviour. It doesn’t bother us whethe

The Unsung Heroes: Don't hate the poll

On Twitter the Beer O’Clock Show runs a weekly Hopinions poll to tie in with their weekly podcast show. The discussion this time seemed to have quite an understandable premise – “What do you consider to be the best Unsung (or under-hyped) British breweries?” The plan was to take people’s suggestions and then divide the most popular answers into four separate polls (that I assume was to accumulate in a final winner-takes-all poll.) Whilst asking for suggestions most people seemed to be happy to give opinions and go with the flow. Poll Number One emerged with the first four breweries suggested by the majority being Arbor Ales , Brew By Numbers , Buxton Brewery and Wylam Brewery . It was here where people’s opinions changed into anger and the poor podcasters were heavily criticised for the whole facade.   After some rather ridiculously nasty comments started emerging (more on that at the end) they decided to axe the entire poll; much to my disappointment as I was