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The Ten Pubs that Made Me - Part 0

    During the initial lockdown months of 2020, I indulged in some of the social media hoo-ha that became the "10 day series." "Post an album a day for 10 days that influenced your music tastes." "Post a computer game a day for 10 da..." you get the picture. All rather drab but entertainment was required. One such game was the "10 pubs that influenced your beer journey." I enjoyed doing it and vowed that when life became restricitonless once more, I would revisit the ten as part of a blog mini-series. This is easier than it sounds though. Nine of the ten are within 45 miles of my current home. Three I still go in fairly regularly, whilst a fourth is close to relatives and friends. And despite all the problems that pubs are facing, all ten are still open. Or so I naively thought before planning for Part One of this series. The first trip was to Leeds and to Mr Foley's Ale House. Whilst I was a student in Leeds this bar was my mai